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 Clan Fusion

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PostSubject: Clan Fusion   Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:08 pm

The rokudaime hokage, Naruto uzumaki died fifteen years ago, leaving the leaf village open for attack. However this cause the first complete world war. The war wiped out all former villages, even non-shinobi ones. The fire country vanished from the face of the earth along with lightning and wind countries, but in their place are villages much more powerful than ever, some said to hold gods within their walls. Then a man with rinnegan, a legendary mutation tried taking over the world, by using the former akatsuki goals. Then many bloodlines thought to be destroyed came back with better powers than ever. They made a new konoha, naming this one the village of rebirth. The new village soon became legendary, until the akatsuki's goals were met and the ten tailed reformed. However, Madara died when he tried to seal it inside himself, disbanding akatsuki. Then the man with rinnegan reappeared and tried destroying it, however it was soon clear that the bijuu wasnt able to die. He then sacrficed himself to split him in nine other bijuu. The world became peaceful for many years, that is, until the bijuu attacked seperate villages. The kages of these villages sacrificed their lifes to seal the bijuu in childern of them. This was in all villages. However the jinchuuriki were hated by their villages or used as weapons. The nine tailed soon made a village specifically for bloodlines and jinchuuriki, who werent respected. This village was soon turned into Sendogakure.

if you want a link pm me your email... im not going to post it since we have a hacker here, simple precaution is all

oh and no cannons unless you have a good reason why their alive
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Clan Fusion
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